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“Utilize My Proven Film Business Plan Template So You Can Raise Money To Make Your Movie”

Get Proven Tactics From A Filmmaker Who Has Actually Done It

Dear Filmmaker,

My name is Tom Malloy. And in the course of raising north of $25 million to produce independent films, I’ve learned that “prepping” your film project is the most crucial step in making it all happen.

Most film projects go completely un-prepped, and then filmmakers wonder why they never got the money to get their projects going.

Getting in front of an investor with an un-prepped project is WORSE than not getting in front of him or her at all. If you go into a pitch meeting unprepared, you will most likely never get a second meeting because your prospective investor will think you’re unprofessional and that you’ve wasted their time.

On the flip side, if you present the prospective investor with a project that has all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed, you’ll be much better off.

This is why your film business plan is so important.

Your film business plan is often the first thing the investor sees, even before you pitch your project! And most times, this is the post meeting leave-behind. A good business plan provides an overview of your project, what you need to make it happen, and most importantly, it answers the big question: “What’s in it for your investor?”

“Create A Film Business Plan Fast”

Look around and you will find books and books on how to write the perfect film business plan. Heck, you’ll probably find at least a dozen “experts” who make an entire career out of writing film business plans for you.

I’ve seen some of those plans. They are very impressive. Full of charts and graphs and assumptions. Yet many of these so-called experts have NEVER raised money for films.

My business plan template is represents the culmination of meeting and pitching to countless investors and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It has been distilled down the core essentials of what has actually worked for me. And I hope it helps you too!