With almost 20 years in the film business under her belt, Michelle is available for consulting on films to aide Producers, Directors, Actors, and Writers on the correct steps to putting a film together. Her consulting rate is $300/hour.  (discounts for booking a group of hours on a project) This consulting can include (subject to client’s needs):
  • Pitch Deck for Investors
  • Script Consulting
  • Cast Consulting
  • Crew Selection
  • Business Plan polishing
  • Tailoring your pitch for investors
  • Working on ways to find and attract investors
  • Creating a perfect package
  • Getting all your legal paperwork set up (Like Operating Agreement, Subscription Agreement)
  • Finding Investors and/or Distributors
Consulting will begin on receipt of  retainer, payable to Michelle Alexandria. Paypal orders may be sent to michelle@glasshousedistribution.com and require an additional fee.